Build Mississippi – Building a Better Tomorrow

You may have noticed it’s a little different around here. To better convey our mission to the people we aim to serve, we have launched Build Mississippi – which is exactly what we focus on as an organization.  

Build Mississippi is powered by the nonprofit Mississippi Construction EducationFoundation (MCEF) whose logo has received a facelift of its own. Our mission has been, and continues to be, to promote careers, recruit capable individuals and train a quality workforce for the construction and manufacturing industries in the state of Mississippi. Build Mississippi also offers workforce training and credentialing in construction, industrial maintenance, and manufacturing trades. 

We are thrilled to offer you a more personal and tailored experience through our website. Answering the question “Why Construction?” is our cornerstone, and we are glad that we can now answer that question for everyone we want to serve – from students to parents to educators.  

We see it as our job to give you all the necessary facts, resources, and inspiration to either help you, or encourage someone you care about, to consider a career in the trades.  

Build Mississippi may be a new name and look but our focus on supplying the state with qualified construction professionals remains the same.