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Building your child’s success

We get it, since day one we’ve been told our children need to go to college to be successful. But did you know that only 40% of college students will graduate and find a job in their field of study?

Now, we’re not saying that your children shouldn’t consider a 4-year degree, but we are saying that a career in the trades deserves to be considered, too.

A few reasons (for starters):

No student loans
Your child can start a great paying job right after high school – without the student debt.


In-demand skills
With over 100,000 jobs openings in Mississippi alone, the demand for skilled workers is greater than ever.

Unlimited growth potential
A construction career offers unlimited advancement potential — with the opportunity for them to even start their own business.

Hear about the transition to a career in the trades from another parent just like you

Their career starts with your support.

By supporting your child entering the trades, you open avenues toward great pay, rewarding careers, virtually no debt, and an industry for your child to thrive.

Your child could be making up to $60k by their fourth year in an apprenticeship while their friends are graduating with an average of almost $37k in debt.


skilled tradespeople needed


average starting salary after apprenticeship


of skilled workers expected to retire this decade


average debt after training for work in the trades

 It’s time to retire the old narrative that college is the only way to be successful. Each day people are choosing to cut against the grain and are entering the workforce debt free, with competitive incomes, and earning a wage from day one.

College isn’t the only route to long-term success.

  • American’s confidence in higher ed fell from 57% (that’s already low) to a 37%
  • Almost 50% of parents would prefer their kid not go to college
  • Only 40% of college students will graduate and actually find a job in their field of study

Resources: this one, this one, and this one – to name a few.

Their career training starts now.

With almost 300 high school programs and career and technical centers in the state, your child can start training in a program near them. Encourage them to join the nearly 6,000 students already enrolled in high school training.

Additionally, they can attend one of the many community colleges we partner with that administer NCCER certifications.

in-demand careers

in-demand careers

Construction Managers




HVAC Technicians


HVAC Technicians