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If you’re looking to start a new career, you’ve come to the right place. With apprenticeships that can be paid for by your employer, there’s no downtime between you and your next career. From masonry to carpentry, the trades offer a wide range of careers with unlimited growth opportunities.

Construction is the industry for you if you want to:

train for a new career in construction without paying a dime

start fresh in a booming industry with great pay and benefits

have unlimited growth potential and even work to start your own business

With over 100,000 trade openings in Mississippi, now’s the time to start.

The start of a new career is closer than you think. Build Mississippi offers four apprenticeships programs – which are often paid for by an employer.

Additionally, over 15 community colleges across the state offer classes to help you gain your certifications.


skilled tradespeople needed.


average starting salary after apprenticeship


of skilled workers expected to retire this decade.


average debt after training for work in the trades

Discover a career that fits you

Discover a career that fits you

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